Welcome to Dexter Rosettes

“The rosette has come to be both a fun and fundamental feature of this city’s culture.  Our members remain proud to wear theirs throughout their lives.  And it’s always a pleasure, thanks to the rosette, to randomly spot a member one’s never met, both around the city and farther afield.”
 – David Thayer, 50th Captain, First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry

“The rosette is a beautiful, multi-colored, eye-catching device that permits the wearer to display his or her school colors proudly!”
– VMI Foundation, Inc.

“We present Dexter Rosettes to our consecutive donors to honor them for each milestone that they reach: 10, 15, 20, 25 years. They are warmly welcomed as a symbol of achievement and in recognition of their allegiance to Carnegie Mellon University.  Thank you Dexter Rosettes for helping us to honor our most loyal supporters.”
Noelle Badertscher, Associate Director of Donor Services,  Carnegie Mellon University