Quality Craftsmanship

Dexter Rosettes

All of our rosette pins are custom designed, exclusive and hand-crafted to order.  The ribbon we use is fine-quality, and it is manufactured for us in the U.S. to design specification. Rosettes are available in three design styles: Solid Color, Stripe, and Bulls-Eye patterns and in three sizes:  9mm, 10mm and 12mm. Rosettes can also be mounted on high-quality braid lace (silver, gold or combination of silver and gold) to designate higher levels of award achievement or distinguished service.

Additional details include:

  • Packaging: Rosettes will be shipped in bulk to your organization, packaged in individual plastic boxes and ready for presentation. Alternative packaging options are available for an additional charge.
  • Ordering: We require a minimum order of 100 rosettes.
  • Design: If your organization does not have a rosette we would be happy to design one for you. Or, if your organization has a rosette we can design to your specifications.
  • Inquiries: To discuss design, pricing and ordering specifics you may contact us by sending an email to DexterRosettes@gmail.com or fill out our contact form so that we can get back to you. Please note that we do not produce or sell rosettes on a retail/individual basis.